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Soya Sauce Chicken

July 1, 2020 2

Every Chinese family has their version of the classic soya sauce chicken, but when I…

Wat Tan Hor

June 28, 2020 0

Next to kai si hor fun, wat tan hor must be the most popular…

Dried Shrimp Fried Beehoon

June 25, 2020 0

How do you prevent fried beehoon from sticking to the wok? Ask any cook…

Nyonya Otak-otak

June 8, 2020 2

I’ve known Danny Boh, the contributor of this otak-otak recipe, for a long time….

Kai Si Hor Fun

June 7, 2020 0

Every Ipohite has their favourite kai si hor fun stall. Mine is Canning Garden’s Little…

Luxurious Chicken Porridge

June 4, 2020 0

What could be so luxurious about chicken porridge? If you make them the way my…

Easy Breakfast Casserole

June 3, 2020 2

Do you find yourself stuck with leftover bread that you don’t know what to do…

Sang Har Meen

May 27, 2020 0

Sang har meen brings back wonderful memories. Growing up, I would visit my relatives in…

Braised Turmeric Chicken

May 25, 2020 6

When I started sharing recipes on social media, I didn’t expect it to become such…

Creamy Pepper Prawns

May 14, 2020 3

First of all, thank you so much, Chef Francis Cheah, for being the first guest…


Claypot Chicken Rice

May 12, 2020 6

Growing up in Ipoh, I was introduced to claypot chicken rice at a very young…

Braised Yee Mee

May 2, 2020 2

Making braised yee mee always makes me feel sentimental because it was the first dish…

Easy Basic Granola

April 30, 2020 2

Chewy, sticky and crunchy. How do you achieve the holy trifecta of great granola? After…

Turmeric Fried Chicken

April 21, 2020 6

The frying fumes. The calories. Not to mention, mopping the floor … For these reasons,…

Chinese Steamed Fish

April 20, 2020 0

Every Chinese family has its own style of preparing steamed fish. This recipe is simple…